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Mead Medical makes data-driven decisions with Cubiko

As a fully accredited General Practice, Mead Medical has been delivering exceptional and quality patient care to the Hills area, a 30-minute drive from the Perth CBD. Their clinical services are provided by a team of 25 independent contracts, all of whom are experienced and some of which specialise in different fields, including but not limited to Aged Care, Palliative care, Skin Care, Women’s Health, Obstetrician & Gynaecology and Anaesthetics. Mead Medical was honoured with the prestigious national award of the RACGP General Practice of the Year 2013/14 (National).

Michelle Johnston, Finance Manager at Mead Medical Group, uses Cubiko every day to help their practice understand their crucial business performance, save time in reporting and provide insights to their doctors.

We used to guess what was going on. Our practice management system reporting was not consolidated. We had to go to so many different places to find the information, which took a lot of time.

~ Michelle Johnston, Finance Manager at Mead Medical


Before using Cubiko, Mead Medical had “lots of spreadsheets”, says Michelle Johnston, the Finance Manager.  After navigating the practice through the Covid period it became very apparent how crucial real time data was for the Executive Team when needing to make quick and decisive business decisions, especially in an environment that was unknown and sometimes changing daily.  The practice had the data but found it difficult to get insights promptly as doctors and staff would move across their practices which made it complex to monitor cost and consolidate data.  It would have been a full-time job to get live data.  They did have insights into their medical practice’s financial and business performance, but because it was time-consuming to gather it was only done as part of the end of month reporting.

COVID-19 impacted the practice significantly as well as multiple Doctors commencing maternity leave, doctors relocating due to the change of DPA boundaries and the passing of one of our Directors, the practice group saw six full-time equivalent contractors leave within a short period of time. Being no longer able to recruit IMGs and being located in outer Metro has resulted In Mead Medical with very few options for recruitment.

Mead Medical wanted a Practice Intelligence Platform that could:

  • Help the practice group attract and retain doctors
  • Save time in reporting across the group
  • Provide financial and business insights into the practices
  • Forecast future billings


Michelle believed “there has to be something out there that automates the data collection and provides insights”. Cubiko provides Mead Medical with dashboards of their consolidated data across their multisite group. Significantly reducing the time required to report on their practice’s business performance and providing forecasting metrics so they can plan for the future.

To read more about our data-driven decisions with Cubiko, click here. 

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