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Covid 19 Update – Thank You

We as a practice would like to acknowledge our patients and their continued efforts in helping minimise viral infections in general. We understand that whilst our State is currently in a low risk Pandemic phase, this does not mean that we are able to let our guard down in ensuring it remains this way by remaining vigilant and cautious. It would be easy to say we are low risk and therefore no longer require screening of people presenting with symptoms however mild, however this is how other States continue to end up in predicaments that lead to shut down of businesses /lockdowns.

The new strains are fast spreading and highly contagious and as a result Mead Medical continues to triage all patients and any presentations of even mild symptoms with caution until we can properly rule out Covid-19. This means that you may be asked to wait in your car until the GP can carry out an assessment, and if deemed necessary get Covid tested by appropriate providers.

We understand this may not always be convenient but then neither is another Covid outbreak. Our patients and staff are our highest priority and by continuing this cautious approach we have been able to continue to operate and provide care during the past lockdowns.

We thank you for your ongoing patience during these unprecedented times.

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