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Breast Screen WA – Free Screening Mammograms

By Dr Leena Uppal

Did you know that Breast Screen WA provides FREE screening mammograms to all Australian women over 40 every 2 years?

Although 75% of all breast cancers occur in women over 50, 25% occur in younger women

Did you know that 1 in 7 women in Australia will develop Breast Cancer in their lifetime?

The risk increases with age

Mammograms can detect 70-90% breast cancers and are the only validated screening tool to detect early stage breast cancer

Breast cancer cannot be prevented but the earlier it is detected the better your chance at successful treatment

And if you are not sure whether you need a mammogram or ultrasound of your breasts or both, book an appointment to see your GP today.

This is a fantastic website

If you are > 40 yrs and haven’t had a mammogram in the last 2 years book yours in today.


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